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What you can expect when you come to Destiny's Wonderland?

First of all, you can expect a magical one of a kind experience when you see these hand painted characters come to life. You will see over 200 hand painted characters that many of you will recognize from over the years so much more. The display is designed so you can drive through or walk through. Parking is available by on the street. Come through many times as I know you'll see something new each time. as it's a challenge to take it all in, truly AWESOME!!! Follow us on the channels below to get updates on special event nights, weather closures and social engagement. Enjoy and tell your friends, we look forward to seeing you here!!! :)

Who and Why?Destiny, the Caldwells and More!

Jon and Christine Randall celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary just a few weeks after their child, who is 5 now, was born. While every child is a miracle, Destiny was the child her parents were told they would never have. As her Mom has PCOS and so she is truly a miracle that we love so much, our Destiny. As an 8 month old she got to see this magical display put on by the Caldwell's and each year we would return.

To learn more about the Caldwell's and their display they did for 28 years we encourage you to look at this article https://pamplinmedia.com/go/42-news/381768-269318-all-is-bright-in-gresham-east-county as well as the 2nd video on this page.

Inspired by this display we, the Randall's, started making our own painted wood characters last year. The 2nd or 3rd time we returned to the display last year there were signs that said it was the Caldwell's last year and the entire display was for sale. We wanted the display, but knew we didn't have the funds to buy it. Fortunately Destiny's Nana, Judy Olson, loved the display and the joy it brings to her grandchild, to us, and the community so she didn't hesitate to buy the display. She did ask several times if we really wanted to take it on as it will be a huge annual commitment in time but we love bringing smiles to others so it has been an easy yes from us.

We likely have over 300 hours into the display this year between my wife and I, definitely a labor of love. Many of the hours this year were either in the lessons area or things we can benefit from next year.

One such beneficial thing is 4 foot walls that were built this year that can be used every year. We are so blessed that my (Jon's) sister Billie Burchell and Brother in law came and helped us build these walls one evening. My brother in law Allen Burchell was the first person I thought to call when wanting ideas on how to build a structure to hold these on the blacktop surfaces. I was sincerely looking for ideas and not help as I am not great at asking for help but he was amazing and said he would help. Allen has over 30 years of construction experience with most of those as a lead so when he said he had a plan I said tell me what to do. He had me, my sister, and nephew all doing our parts which resulted in the structure you see being built in about 4 hours. If I built these walls myself I could have, but we would have been looking at several days and maybe up to 2 weeks as I would have built one at a time learning from the previous one. Thank you so much Burchells, you are Awesome!!!

That was such an important start, but from wind to rain to some plans like 180 solar spot lights not working out as planned we have fought a battle to get where we are. If you get enjoyment from this and invite others to fun then it was all worth it! Now that it's complete all we want more than anything is for huge numbers of people to enjoy it. Below are our social channels so you can follow us and tag us in your photos, videos, and posts. Thank you so much, Enjoy!!!



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In truth we were reluctant to make donations available but we have found through our own experiences and from what we heard about the previous display where there are people who really want to contribute to the mission of bringing smiles to so many. If you don't wish to donate or can't that is more than ok with us, we hope you enjoy our display and tell your friends. If you choose to donate please know we offer our sincerest thanks for that as we know money is tighter for most of us these days. Thank you very much to all who enjoy this beautiful Christmas Display.

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