Destiny's Wonderland

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Our Store in a word would be Custom

We have been asked do you sell these?

Can you make me one?

The answer in short is YES. :) What we can offer you is a digital reproduction of any of these in a size up to 4 feet x 8 feet on a plastic correx board with 2 different thicknesses available. 4 millimeter is perfect for indoor or where there is a backing to support it or a 10 millimeter is available that has great durability even in high wind, some say as tough as plywood. We have samples of thickness we can show you to help determine what is best for your needs. We can also take your image or graphic as well if you have something you would like us to do. In short if you can imagine it we can likely do it. We can typically get a project done in as little as 3 days. :)



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In truth we were reluctant to make donations available but we have found through our own experiences and from what we heard about the previous display where there are people who really want to contribute to the mission of bringing smiles to so many. If you don't wish to donate or can't that is more than ok with us, we hope you enjoy our display and tell your friends. If you choose to donate please know we offer our sincerest thanks for that as we know money is tighter for most of us these days. Thank you very much to all who enjoy this beautiful Christmas Display.

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